How do I use the KEF Kube 2 w/ my Denon receiver?

I have a Denon receiver and 2 Infinity speakers. My stereo was set up some years ago (not by me) and I've never touched it because I know NOTHING about how it works.
My computer and my TV are hooked up through the receiver so I can enjoy music and movies through my speakers.

I just got 2 KEF speakers to add to the mix. I know how to attach them directly to the receiver but what do I do with the KEF Kube 102? What goes in the "in "and "out"? Where do I attach it to the receiver?
Please reply as if I know nothing about this type of thing, because I don't.
Use one of the receiver's tape monitor loops. Connect the receiver's "Tape out" jacks to the Kube's "In" jacks. Connect the Kube's "Out" jacks to the receiver's "Tape In" jacks. When you want the Kube to equalize the sound of your KEF speakers, turn your receiver's "Tape Monitor" or "Tape Mon" loop to "On" or "In", depending on how it's worded on your receiver.
Thank you for answering my question and trying to help me! I have a few clarifications and follow up questions.

On the back of my Denon receiver I have a place called "Tape 1" below it are 4 connector holes top two are white bottom two are red. The left top and bottom holes say "PB" the right 2 say "Rec"

Is my Tape 1 the correct "Tape out" area?
Is" PB " the "i"n and "Rec" the "out"? Do I use red or white?

On my Kube I have a "signal" in and out and a "Tape" in and out, which do I use?

On the front of my Denon receiver I have "Rec out select", T.Mode, and FM Mode.which is the "Tape Mon"?

On the front of the Kube I have a "contour" dial, and "extend" and "tape" buttons. What do I do with these?

And my final painfully simple question is when I go to the Radio Shack and buy connectors is there a specific kind I ask for?

Thank you again!

Rec = tape out = connect to Kube's input.

PB = Playback = connect to Kube's output.

Red = right channel; white = left channel. You need both for stereo.

To have the Kube in circuit to flatten and extend the response of your KEFs, push the Tape button on the front panel.
If you google KEF museum and select KEF Museum from the list that comes up, it will take you to KEF's online museum. Select 1980 and you'll find a photo of a 102 among the speakers shown. Selecting that photo will bring up information about the 102. At the bottom of the information you'll find installation instructions. Selecting that will will bring up an image of the installation manual that you can save or print.

I have four 102s and but a single 102 KUBE -- I'm looking for another KUBE. In my application, the KUBE is between a processor and amps. Although I have a pair of 107/2s, I have heard the 102s by themselves, and they do sound nice. I use the 102s as center and surrounds.