How do I turn off my Pass Labs X1?

I just bought a Pass Labs X1 and it plays fantastic. But it does not matter, I can not find any power button on the preamp. So how can I turn it off, without unplugging the power cable?
I hope you can help me.
I don't think you're supposed to turn it off. I'm pretty sure the owners manual says to leave it on all the time.
My Ayre K-1xe has no power button either. It is always left on, although when not in use, I mute it, which puts it in a sort of stand-by mode.

Check your owner's manual, or if you don't have one, check with Pass Labs.

Good luck!
There is NO power button. It is designed to be left on all the time. Just turn the volume all the way down to 00.
send it to me; in return i'll send you a power button you can play with all day. did that help?
To Dpac996: What do you mean with that?

Read between the lines.
I think I understand! Ha ha ha... veeery funny...
Yes, I too leave it on all the time. I love mine, you are in for many hours of enjoyment!
WOW!! No harsh remarks about a valid question?
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Ok ok, put it in a bath of water. That should do it.

Most types of high-end audio electronics are best left on 24/7, and many manufacturers of high-end equipment intentionally do not include on/off switches on their equipment as a result. My Rowland preamp and phono stage cannot be turned off, my Audio Research CD3 CD player could not be turned off, etc. Without explaining in great detail why this is so (very short answers: turning equipment on and off damages it, and equipment left on 24/7 sounds better), only tube amps and true Class-A biased solid-state amps should be turned on and off. All other equipment, including tube equipment using small-signal tubes like tube preamps and tube digital-to-analog convertors, should be left on 24/7.