How do I test my own amplifier


I am looking to do some basic bench tests on my 2 channel power amp to see if it is functioning correctly. Earlier today I had a driver fry in my left channel, and am not 100% sure my amp is to blame. I had my power amp modified and upgraded 2 years ago, and it was in 100% like new functionality.

Anyone have some suggestions what I can test at home with a multimeter?? DC offset etc...

Thanks very much!
DC offset test is easy. Just put your multimeter in the DC mV scale and touch the leads across the speaker terminals with the amp fully warmed up and not playing anything. It doesn't matter if the reading is + or - volts, closer to zero volts the better. Depending on the amp, under 50mV is usually considered good. Some amps will have less than 5mV DC offset. If your reading is up in the 300mV DC or more, better have it checked out. Though woofers can take fairly high DC offset, tweeters cannot, but luckily, tweeters and mids are protected from DC by capacitors in the speaker's crossover.