How do I stream the NAXOS Music Library?

  I set up ROON today, along with Tidal, and I like that interface a lot. I'm running the ROON Core on my iMac 5k with TOSLINK into my Accuphase CD player's DAC. 

  I'm thinking about investing in a better DAC and would welcome some recommendations. I was looking at the Meitner MA 1 or the DAC2X, although it is quite a bit of scratch. How much money do I need to spend? LOL.

  One thing, I would like to do is to stream from the NAXOS music library

but it seems to only support streaming from a Flash player. Is there some way I can control the Flash streamer while it is running on my Mac? There is an iPhone app but that only seems to stream for playback on the iPhone. 
So, my thought is to buy a Mac mini and use the Duet app that mirrors a display to an iPad as an external display in order to be able to control the Flash streamer from NAXOS.

Information on the Duet program is here:
If Naxos streams like radio then Roon will handle it for you.

Meitner is excellent but Benchmark DAC3 could be an alternative.