How do I spend $5000? A CD player or DAC for my De

After my fiasco with auditioning McIntosh 871 universal player (which I didn't like at all) I'm now considering either buying a dedicated redbook player instead of Sony XA9000ES and keeping my Denon 3930 for DVDs only or indeed buying a DAC to use with Denon as a transport. I don't think I'm ready to spend more than $5000 for either. The thing is I simply don't know which is better - a dedicated $5000 CD player or Denon 3930 plus $5000 DAC? I'm selling Sony anyway - the rack has place for only 2 sources and of course I need a DVD player anyway. What do you,guys, think?
I find it ridiculous the whole idea about spending $3500 for a media server. I have never had a computer last for more than 5 years. If you are dumping this amount of money into something that has a limited life-span it seems ridiculous. At least with a cd player you can have it for more than 5 years and repairing it can keep it around for a good 20.

Aside from that, hard drives and space are dirt cheap so I don't understand why a Qsonix would be so expensive. It just makes no sense for hard drive space and a software program to spend $3500. Just my opinions.

The guy who suggested it (the media server) as an option is also a dealer. Just sayin'...
Here is a vote for a DAC. An not a hugely expensive one either. Benchmark maybe...

The resale value on digital is so awful that I would to have money falling out of my ass to consider an expensive player. Couple this with relatively high failure rate and it almost becomes idiotic. Not to say that a cdp always a bad idea, but you better have addressed everything else- including room acoustics, power, etc.

Unless of course you have a ton of $ or you really are trying to get that last bit of performance.

I think your money is better spent on software. $.02