How do I set up the Sansui SR-4050C tonearm?

How do I set up the Sansui SR-4050C tonearm? I have operating manual, but need easier instructions . Back weight lateral weight and stylus pressure settings in particular. The tonearm is skating. Music is very therapeutical for me and I love vinyl.

Hello, I was wondering if you received any response to your query or if you have sorted the issue since? I was also wondering if you are going to keep the SR 4050C tunrtable, as I am looking for one for parts? If you are keeping it and still need to set up the tone arm I can assist with that, thank you, Lyn
Hi Mrralphhurl,

Just picked up a SR-4050, but it didn't come with a manual and I seem not to be able to locate it on the net. May I ask where you got hold on your copy?

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