How do I sell my 1977 Technics 5770 Receiver?

I'm brand new and have had my dear old friend wrapped in plastic in a dark closet for years. Letting it stay there seems like a waste and thought some of the folks here would know what it might be worth and how to sell it.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.
You could either do a set sale or an auction, here on Audiogon. Pretty simple.

Doing a quick search online, I saw "asking" prices from around $300 to $550. Not sure what they actually sold for. Depends on condition.

A receiver this old probably needs a good amount of work. Caps that old have surely begun to leak.
It had a tune up three years ago when I'd planned on using it again but never followed through. It's an 8/10 I'm estimating.

I hadn't considered the capacitors. I'm not an audiophile. I was a wannabe when in my late teens and got good advice on where to spend my money.

Thank you for the information.
Skyflynn- Considering the age of the unit, 8/10 is probably not a fair rating. It my be cosmetically perfect but it is still nearly 40 years old. 6/10 more realistic.
Hope you didn't buy a boat.

6/10 it is.

Thank you.