How do I rip music from a concert DVD?

I just got a new Cowboy Junkies cd/dvd called "Long Journey Home" and it comes with a DVD (18 songs) of the concert and a cd with some selected songs (11 songs). I'd like to be able to rip some of the DVD songs into itunes minus the video part. This way I could play it using Amarra.

Is this even possible? I hope so because there's several songs on the DVD that I'd like to be able to hear through my computer audio rig.

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I use a $40 program called DVD Audio Extractor.
DVD Fab is the best program for this. Yes, I have used DVD AE as well. DVD Fab does everything that DVD AE does, and a whole lot more. And it has a very easy-to-use, intuituve interface...

Ok, I'll check both of these out for my macbook pro.