how do I retube?

I have a CAL Alpha tube dac and would like to know if I can change the tubes myself and if so what would I need to do? I am not very familiar with the technical side of high end so I would appreciate any help thanks Mike
Remove the screws which hold the cabinet top on to the chassis; slowly pull the tubes vertically from their sockets. There are only two. Replace with high-end 12ax7a or 12ax7wa; i.e., Telefunken, Brimar, etc., etc., and enjoy!!
Please read your owners manual. If it's a no brainer, do it yourself. Also, don't touch the tubes with your bare fingers due to the oil they leave on the glass. Good listening!
I was hoping it was that easy, thanks for th advice mike
>>> Also, don't touch the tubes with your bare fingers due to the oil they leave on the glass. I crack up every time I see this. Exactly what hazard do the oils from your fingers present to the tube? How many of the tens of millions of tubes that have been used for countless years were placed in the equipment with out getting fingers on the glass? The long and short of it is that if you want to keep fingers off the glass to make assuage neurosis or for cosmetic reasons, that's all fine and good. But let's not pretend that it has anything to do with operation or longevity of the tube.
Well, at the risk of spreading false information, bcowen, the reason for not touching tubes bare-handed is supposed to be related to the residual oils creating hot spots on the glass which in turn lead to out-gassing and a subsequent shorter tube life span. I don't know this first hand and have little experience with tubes. I do still have the cotton glove that the manufacturer felt appropriate to include with my tube preamp and do put it on when handling tubes. They say it's a good idea, it certainly can't hurt and, anyway, everyone knows it's cool to wear one glove! Think I'll put some sequins on the back of it...maybe that'll tighten up the bottom end a bit...