How do I remove the woofer from ads 300 speaker?

So I found a pair of ads 300s at the take it or leave it section of the dump...I mean solid waste disposal and recycling center... along w an NAD 2200.  The amp and one of the speakers work just fine, but the other appears to have a bad woofer.  No sound from the woofer (tweeter is fine) and when I gently push in on the woofer cone it scrapes a bit.  However I can't figure out how to get the darn thing out.  I removed the 4 screws folding the metal frame to the baffle, but no dice.  No apparent way to remove the terminal cup on the back either.  Google has been no help so far.  Any ideas?  
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It is probably just suck on with old age. Can you gently pry it wiht a screwdriver?

There is probably ancient foam rotted/stuck behind it.


Also, try putting an awl or something inside a screw hole, and see if you can leverage it to help separate the woofer from the frame.
Can you remove the tweeter to access to the back of the woofer?
Try finding a machine screw that has the same diameter of the flange opening screw holes. Use that as a jacking screw.

I use this method on my Alon woofers and it works great, won’t bend the driver frame or damage the wood.
If the above advice doesn't work, is there a piece in back holding the speaker terminals that can be unscrewed and moved aside so you can push the woofer out?
It’s stuck.If you remove the tweeter you may be able to push it out from behind. If not, get 2 flat head screwdrivers and wrap the ends with some electrical tape. Spray the ends of the screwdrivers with some silicone and gently work them in between the speaker and cabinet 2 to 3 inches apart from each other. If the drivers are stuck to the point of bending the speaker, try different spots.

If you know for sure the drivers will be replaced, another method would be to get a razor and cut around the outside edge of the cone. Then you should be able to get your hand inside the speaker and pull it out.

When the speaker goes back together, be sure to use new foam surrounds. I’m guessing they should be around $20 for a kit that does both speakers.
Richard So who is an ADS repairman uses large screw type hooks generally used for hanging bicycles.  I had asked him how to get the tweeters out of my l1530's and that is what he suggested. Worked like a charm.

For those who don't know this speaker they are small, metal enclosures w 5 1/4" mid-woofers and a 1" (I think) done tweeter. A little bigger than an NHT Superzero.  I have tried prying the metal frame of the woofer w a screwdriver and it's hard to even get one into the space between the frame and the baffle, let alone apply any leverage, but I have not tried jacking it out using machine screws or bolts.  That sounds like a possibility.  The speaker terminal cups have no discernible fasteners that I can see from the outside and tweeters are as firmly in place as the woofers.  Not sure bicycle size screw hooks will fit into the small woofer mounting holes, but I get the idea and I'll see what I can do.  Any other ideas appreciated. 
You may only get a half turn but it will allow you to pull out the tweeter. 

there are pullers made for this type of work you could probably get a cheep one at a tool supply shop. basically a center threaded rod with two or three small hooks to go in behind and you jack them out there is sizes from very tinny to huge so take a look may find something. also if you only get a little sound or scratching when you push in on the driver it sounds like a voice coil wire broken or fused and works only when in certain positions. if that's the case its junk and you will need to replace the driver or have the driver re built with new voice coils and surrounds.
Thx, all; I got the driver out, which I needed to do to send for repair/rebuild. Surrounds are fine so my guess is voice coil needs to be replaced. I’ll be checking in w Richard So next.