How do I remove the female plug from Isoclean PC?

I have an Isoclean Super Focus power cord that I need to remove the female plug so that I can hard wire it to a Porter Port recepticle.

The plug has a covering with no screws visible, and I can not figure out how to remove this covering.

I've emailed Isoclean and asked for instructions on how to do this, but have not heard back from them.

You can see how the plugs have a covering over the plug and the screws in this picture:

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

I believe you mean the male plug.....

Note the white end of the plug see the two small black areas in the picture. This is were the screws are that hold the two pieces of the plug together. One opposite the other.

Isoclean may have filled the holes with some type of resin material.

Curiosity killed the cat.... How are you planing to hard wire the cable to the receptacle? What do you think it will accomplish?

No, I know that the male plug is showing, but I do mean the female plug, it's the same as far as the covering.

I've gone to a Topaz 5.0 Kva Ultra Isolation Transformer and am using the Isoclean Super Focus power cords (the special ones for their transformer) and wiring directly to the Isolation Transformer.

On the output side, I have to connect to a Wadia CD Player and Burmester Power Amp. It was suggested to me to remove the female connector and run those wires straight into my Porter Port.

This way I don't have to have an IEC Inlet wired to the Porter Port, removing two connections and one set of short wires from the system.

Does that make sense?


OK, I understand now what you want to do.

Did you check the end for screws?

You may have to cut the shrink tube off the female connector and look for the fasteners.

Make sure you get the polarity correct when you connect the cable to the receptacle. Wide blade on the plug is the neutral... Check the continuity of the wire to the plug blade. Wire colours inside the cord may not be black and white.

T slot on the recept is the neutral.

I know how to wire the power cord to the recepticle once I get the plug off and can get to the wires, but thanks for your advice.

What I don't know how to do is get the female plug off of the power cord to get to the wires. The covering (or whatever it is) is the same on the female plug as you see on the male plug. No screws are showing, they're covered by the covering.