How do I power up my monoblocks?

I have Kharma 2.1's, Lamm M1.1's, and an Operah Cd player running direct into the amps. I am installing dedicated lines and do not have a power conditioner as of yet. I am considering a preamp, but definatey want volume control. What is the best way to turn the system on? I want to plug the amps into the dedicated lines but find it tedious to turn each amp on from behind. Should I get a power conditioner with a power swithc - If I do does that negate the instalation of dedicated lines? Any way, it may sound like a stupid question but would appreciate advice.


will take a little manual flicking and actual movement to the units to do the job.
i'd plug everything into the dedicated circuit and just throw the breaker.
how can you own a ferarri and not know how to drive?
I have Pass Aleph 2s & I have to step in next to my Aragon woofer amp to turn them on. I'm going to get dedicated lines soon. I'll will ask my electrician about installing high quality wall switces at least for my Aleph amps. (I have been using a switched power strip sometimes to avoid snaking around my Apogees, this is a pain in my back)!!
Get the Lamm L1 preamp which will turn on the Lamm M1.1's when with a front switch. There is a remote switch plug on the back of those M1.1's (I have them also). I am trying to see about creating a remote 12v trigger and using X10 to turn on my amps.
The L1 does not have volume remote, right? If you figure out a way to trigger the amps via 12 volt trigger that would be a good start.
I guess i should also ask, what pre out there has remote volume and 12 volt trigger that will meet the level of audio quality.


No unfortuately it doesn't have a remote (no lamm preamp does) and that was a requirement. I just purchased a Rowland Synergy IIi preamp with remote but no 12v trigger, besides the Lamm's require a different cable not the typical 12v 1/8" stereo jack. so all that is required is the special connectors that plug into the lamm and the X10 module that has a 12v trigger and the x10 remote to control it. Should be pretty easy, just haven't had the time.
IMO, one of the values of monoblocks is that you can position them close to the speakers and use short speaker cables. Then it might be easier to reach in behind to turn them on. Good luck.

this may seem like a strange idea, but why not turn your mono blocks around 90 degrees? That will allow for shorter speaker cables and provide easier access to the back.

I saw this done once, and it did not look as strange as it sounds.