How do I make a HT system out of this?

I am thinking of setting up a HT system but I have space restrictions that limit me from having separate audio and HT setups.
I am hoping there is a way to use what I already have for music and add to it for HT.
Currently I have the following gear:

Loewe Xelos TV
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 SE Pre Amp
NAD SIlver Series S200 Amp (250w/ch)
NAD Silver Series S500 CD
Sony SCD-1
Dynaudio 1.3 SE Speakers
Alon II Mk II Speakers
Mission 771e Speakers

I was thinking of adding a NAD T761 Receiver and running the front speakers from the SF Pre and S200 Amp, while using the T761 for the center, sub and rears. Audio is more important than HT so I am not looking for perfection in the HT setup.

Questions are:

1) Should I use the Dynaudios or the Alons for the fronts
2) Depending on the answer to question 1, could I successfully use the Missions for the rears.
3) If yes, can you recommend a center (I am in Australia so I can't get any more Alons - can get Dynaudio and Mission).
4) I live in an apartment and don't want to get thrown out - do I have to have a sub?
5) Will I lose much audio quality through the front speakers using the T761 in the line or does the bypass not affect things too greatly.

Thanks to all
If your not real worried about the ultimate in HT fidelity or "slam", etc... do yourself a favor and just pick up an Adcom GSP 560 or 700, etc... This is a processor and three channel amp all in one package. You can feed it from your tape loop and switch it in and out as needed. They are ALWAYS available used and work fine for the occassional movie viewer. They give the basic surround effects, are simple and efficient and keep the cost to a minimum. Just a thought.... Sean
1) I'm not familiar with either speaker, but use your best pair for your main left and right speakers.
2) You can use any speakers you want for the rears. Usually, in order to mount them on the wall and out of the way, people use bookshelf speakers for the rears. I would let the physical size of your speakers be the determining factor here (smallest pair gets the job).
3) What is your price range? NHT makes a pretty decent center channel called the AudioCenter 2 that is about $800 new (I'd look for a used one for around 50% of retail).
4) You don't have to have a sub if your processor allows you to route the sub's low frequency info to the main speakers. But if your main speakers aren't full range, your system will be seriously lacking down under (ok, bad pun). Even if they are full range, there's no substitute for a good sub in your system if your neighbors will tolerate it.
5) You'll have to A/B test it to see how much of a difference it makes. Having the NAD in the chain is less than ideal, but routing the main speaker info through the NAD's preamp outputs is your only option unless you want to physically unplug the main left and right inputs from the receiver and plug them into your S200 each time.
Good luck.