How do I integrate my Equipment..

Onkyo TX-SR805 A/V Receiver 130 WPC  Main unit

Dahlquist 20i Speakers Fronts  inefficient 86db crave power Great Sound

Klipsch KLF-C-7 Center Massive handles up to 600 Watts

Walsh Ohm 2 Surrounds 88db Very nice

SVS PB 10 Sub

Crown XLS 1000 Power Amp 

Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid ( Tube Preamp ) Newly acquired

 I'd like to have a HT setup as well as 2 Channel for listening to my music. Do I need a Tube Amp or SS for more power to push the Dahlquist 20i Speakers ? Yahoo Dahlquist Group, AudioKarma says at least 200 WPC are needed to open these up/ Preferably tube setup. Right now I'm using the Onkyo preamps on them.

 I'm somewhat of a novice so I need input as to how to hook everything up for best results in HT/ Stereo modes.

 And what does using a CD player or other source as a transport mean ? I have a really good Blu/Ray Player and SACD/DVD Audio Video Player. The former a Sony BDP-S790 and the latter a best in class Onkyo DV-SP1000.

 I appreciate in advance any help.. 


I guess my main concern is how to put the Tube Preamp into the system and what amp to use ( tube or solid state ) that would adequately supply the watts needed to get the most out of the Dahlquist 20i speakers. And, have the flexibility to adapt to both a 2 channel experience and allow for a 5.1 HT surround environment too.

Any thoughts..

Would a Outlaw 5000 5 Channel amp work ? Or, any of the Emotiva amps ?
Can anyone suggest a 200 -300WPC amp old or new with tube like properties for the front end with the tube preamp to push the Dahlquist 20i speaker. I guess than I could use the Onkyo 805 for the remaining 3 channels and powered sub for H/T purposes. Btw, what would I do with the Crown xls 1000 ?
Entry level budget..
If it were me, I would just get myself a pair of KLF-20's or KLF-30's to go with your super efficient center KLF-C7 for your HT with your Onkyo 805 and get a separate integrated amp for your Dalquists.  Maybe a Sunfire Signature stereo amp(pick your wattage 200 or 300) with a tube preamp for your Dalquists.

My 2 cents...

I'd use the Trans Sound to drive the Crown driving the Dals.  Use the Onkyo for 'source' for the Trans and to run the rest of the show.  Not the best solution, but workable.  Probably close to what you're doing already...

Faced with your stack 'o stuff, I'd opt for a small mixer for signal control.  And the purists will likely hunt me down for that comment. *L*

Thanks for your response,  Bill. Not really sure I need to add 2K to enhance my system. Also, why the integrated amp with the Dahlquist  I have the Preamp.  ? I do like Carver amps with the 20i's though. I was thinking more on the line of the TFM series. Maybe, the TFM 45 or even the TFM35.

The Walsh Ohm 2's are staying in the system. At 130wpc the Onkyo 805 will be fine pushing them.       

It might be a good idea for me to contact Bill LeGall at Miller Sound
in nearby Lansdale Pa for his advise. He owns both the Dahlquist 20i and Walsh ohm 2 speakers and has done many a modification on two. Loves these speakers.


What do you mean by using the Onkyo for source for the trans and could you give me a idea of how to hook it all up to the Onkyo and Trans ?

"Thanks for your response,  Bill. Not really sure I need to add 2K to enhance my system. Also, why the integrated amp with the Dahlquist I have the Preamp.  ?"

I do think(know) that a pair of KLF-20's or 30's will be a better front soundstage for your HT timbre matching with your KLF-C7.  My mistake on the integrated because I did not thoroughly read you entire original post. From my experience and from others, the Sunfire(or Carver) amps do have a "warmish" tone to them which some describe as "tube like".   As far as the Onkyo 805, it is an overbuilt beast of an AVR and should easily drive your system.


Your probably right that the all Klipsch fronts would provide a better timber match. But, with the Audyssey calibration the Dahlquist 20i's will provide a very capable and striking soundstage. Have you ever heard the Dahlquist 20i's ? Their strength is in their midrange but highs and lows are equally stunning. With the Transcendent tube pre and a good class A high current amp my guess is that they may even standout even more. The Onkyo 805's audio processing and amplifier sections I agree will easily handle the remaining channels. Still, not exactly sure how to hook this altogether using the preamp and the Onkyo. But, maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks.


One correction on initial post the Crown amp was the $99 special buy X1000. Not the XLS Model.