How do I hookup carver amps to carver preamp?

I know this is going to sound pretty dumb...but I am not sure how to go about hooking up my equipment properly. I have a pair of Carver M 1.0t amps and a Carver 4000t preamp along with a pair of AL IV speakers. I would like to connect the preamp to both of the amps so that they power both speakers (in stereo). I understand that these speakers will perform much better with the higher power from both amps. Seems simple when only one amp is going to be used, but I want to use both amps...thus I am confused on how the amps are connected together to make them work as one....I have never been fortunate enough in the past to have this kind of equipment thus I am asking for a little help if some kind person can find the time. I know this should be easy but I am just a little confused about how to put it all together....Thanks in advance!!!....Alan
It sounds as though you are asking how to connect the amps in a mono-bloc arrangement. That being the right speaker driven by one amp and the left speaker driven by the other amp. If that is true then the information below should get you close. Someone how has these amps may want to chime in with a better response as I am going from memory of how my M500 / C9000 was designed. You may also be able to still get a manual for these amps / pre amp models which would more than answer your question.

First does the M1.0 have the capability to operate in either stero or mono. You can determine this by looking at the back of the amp; there should be a switch labeled mono or stereo. Slide the switch to the mono position on both amps. Then simply run the right interconnect from the right pre-amp out to the right amp in. Then do the same with the left channel (left out to left in) and you should be in business.

Some caveats:

My M500 had a diagram on the back of the amp depicting how to put it into mono operation. I am not sure the M1.0 has the same diagram but it should.

The pre-amp may have multiple outputs, that being output 1,2, etc. Be sure you connect the right and left channel to the same output. My carver pre-amp which I believe was the c9000 control center had like 3 or 4 amp outs.

Hope this helps

On the back of the M1.0T, there is a small switch that selects mono mode. You will need a small Phillips screwdriver to loosen the clamp holding the switch down. With the power off, switch both amps to mono mode. The RCA connections from the preamp will go to the left input on both amps. That's it. The M1.0T in mono peaks at 1kw. You will notice a drastic improvement in the sound. This is the setup I used for a long time with my Original ALS and a pair of ALS-III+. I'm now running a single ML 332, but will probably go with a pair of 332's in the future.