How do i hook up mac mini to projector?

I am going to buy a mac mini for audio but need to know how to hook it up to a projector. Any one doing this?
Plug the video output of the mini (DVI/VGA port) into the projector and voila!!! Mac's rarely need to be manually configured, it should pretty much be plug-and-play.
I found a dvi to hdmi conveter plug on ebay for 5 bucks. Thanks!
go to and buy a DVI to HDMI cable, their best.. do not us a converter..

I've compared these to the best wireworld cables and they are really amazing for the cost!
Is this the cable i need here?
that's the cable but are you sure you need 50ft? Run some string to check distance.
because the CL2 (plenum fire rating) only go 25ft.

The other option is a HDMI to RJ45 extender which is now being made.

I've run 75' VGA cables from monoprice and they were amazingly clear.. with a 50' VGA to RGB that looked stunning.

I haven't found any prices anywhere near this for this type of quality. There are tons of threads on AVSFORUM about their cables also.