How do I hook up a subwoofer for 2-channel

I want to use 2-subs in a 2-channel system.I am going to use either Rel or Martin Logan. Which ever one I decide to go with How do you connect the wiring so that one sub controls the right channel and the other the left? I want to use these subs with a Martin Logan speaker.
Hey Russ,Do you have 2 outputs on your preamp?
I use the high level connections(speakers). These seem to intergrated better then the low level(preamp out). They seem to be faster. The signal reaches your subs at the same time as they reach your speakers. With the low levels, it is just a little bit slower.
Like Raytheprinter asked you best need 2 preouts of your preamp 1 pair L+R go to the amp for main speakers, the other pair each L and R goes to each subwoofer's L and R inputs ( signals will sum up anyway ) or use y cables.
If you are going to use Rel - take a look at the following link for instruction on how to connect the REL.
Yes I do have two main outs on my current pre amp main out 1 and 2. which is better using the rca conection or the speaker conection?

Thanks Russ
Russ, Most subs will have the L+R rca input and one of those might say mono. Think home theater where the processor has only one sub out. I run 2 subs with 2 channel and I hook the L pre out to the L sub in and the R pre out to the L pre in to the other. It's still the right channel but I use the L because the gain of my sub is different if I just use the L/mono input. Different subs may vary, just make sure you read the owners manual or ask the manufacturer. Good luck.
Dear Russb: The main target of the REL subs is to augment the performance on FULL RANGE SPEAKERS ( you can read it in the page #18 of the REL manual ). Your ML aren't FRS, that's why you are looking the integration of two subwoofers. The REL subs aren't, really, for a true stereo integration, normally are designed for to run in mono way.

The own ML subs and Velodyne's can be very good alternatives.

If you want really to have a quality sound reproduction improvement from your audio system my advise is that that subs integration should be in a TRUE STEREO WAY.

Please read carefully these links about:

Regards and enjoy the music.
if you use the high-pass crossover in the sub you only need one pair of outputs from the preamp, right?
Hello Russ,I have never used the speaker connection,, so i cant answer your question ,sorry,,Hifidreams says speaker connect works better,i also respect Rauls opinions ,please check out the links he provided,good reading!Let us know what you decide as i would be interested in what works best for you,Ray
Thank You everbody for your imput and help in this matter.

Dear Goatwuss: Right, you only need one pre-out: L,R. As a fact, if any one want to integrate subs in a true stereo way where the subs control deck has a high-pass filter ( a must for running in stereo ) one pre-out is more than enough.

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Dear Raytheprinter: Tks.

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