How do I get the Platter off my SP-15?

Feels like it's welded on. I've never had so much difficulty getting a platter off. Does it even come off? I'm frustrated and could use some assistance here. I've been messing with it quite a bit but I'm getting worried now I might be damaging something. I know the Spindle has a Morse Taper similar to what a lathe or a drill press might have, but it just doesn't seem to want to let go...HELP!!!
I had one 25 years ago but can't remember, try Vinyl Engine if you don't get an answer here.
I own an SP-15, and it definitely comes off. It indeed has a taper, but it's very shallow. You don't want to rock it back and forth too much as you will damage the bearing. I'd suggest a bit of penetrating oil at the joint by the spindle. I've also heard of people using a 12" long by 1-2" wide steel bar or piece of hardwood, that you can lay across the point of the spindle and use to push down on the spindle while you pull up on the platter.

Mine took a bit of doing to get the platter off when I first got it, but eventually it came off. Good luck.

Apply some super penetrant to the joint. (Wipe off any visible excess) Get a heat gun and evenly heat the aluminum platter. When the whole platter is warm-to-very-warm, heat the area immediately around the spindle. The aluminum will expand quickly and the platter will be easy to remove.
Does it have screws like the SP-10?