How do I get the best sound?

I have a new work shop I have just built and have it equipped with BOSE 301 speakers. I have three sets along with a KLIPSCH 12" sub, to power this I am using a YAMAHA 7.2 receiver. I have placed the speakers in all four corners and two in the center. I am looking to get the best sound out of this system and need some advice. I am having trouble with to many echoes and the bose speakers are fighting each other. What can I do short of putting foan all over the walls to absorb the waves?
Get a good pair of monitors for $500 to $1,000. (sell the Bose speaker sets)Place monitors on solid 24 inch stands. Try to give the speakers about 2 feet from the back wall and 2 feet from the side walls, 6 to 8 feet apart, and you sit about 6 to 8 ft. back from speakers. Hook up your sub to help with the lower octaves and to provide bass slam. You will have a solid 2.1 system to enjoy music and movies. You want to try to get a good solid center image, ie. music or sound comes from the middle and speakers disappear. You want good images.( you can pick out where the instruments or musicians are standing on the stage or studio. Also important for music is a wide and deep soundstage.( you want the music to extend beyond the width of the speakers, and depth to reach behind the speakers as well.(on some recording it may appear that ther bass player is standing a few feet behind the singer etc.)Speaker placement is key to getting good soundstage and image, as is the quality of your speakers,recording and sources. Google cardas method for room/speaker placement information. If you have a good center image you should not need a center channel speaker. There is no way to make your system work as you have it now with speakers in the corners etc.IMO . Start over. Hope this is a good start for you. Todd
Sell your Bose 301s and buy a pair of larger vintage speakers like Klipsch Hersey or Cornwall speakers. Hang, or mount them in two corners pointed towards the area you work in the most.

Bose speakers are designed to bounce sound of nearby walls creating an ambient/reverb type effect. This coupled with the long distance between multiple speakers and possibly any surround sound processing from your home theater receiver is causing all of your problems.
Although I aggree with some of the above I do like the Bose for what they are. try getting the fround out of the cornors that will help alot, by putting them in the cornors you create more first order reflections. You can also put small pieces of acustic open cell foam off the 45 of the speeakers to help kill that reflection a bit. ALso look at the room do you ahve a rug? Currtins? or is it all hard?

I would really recomend getting someone in there that knows this stuff to look at your set up or else you can just wind up chaseing your tail and never really know what the system can do.