How do I get a speaker with the bass slam of my el cheapo ear buds...?

You know, the ear buds that come free with a Samsung smart phone. Was just listening to Brooks and Dunn’s My Maria over my Galaxy S8 and ear buds, and there is a nice drum track in there and it was nice, deep, slam to it. But if I connect the phone to my stereo system via analog inputs, I don’t get that slam. Do they boost the bass in these ear buds, or is my audio system not delivering the bass as it should?

Oh, and I also connected my phone to my car system via the AUX input and I don't get that kind of bass in the car either.
Thank you for your understanding. 
Obviously I got same feeling as you did.
  1. By the way, I tried to connect an iphone 6s to my preamp (using Spotify) and then played a CD via my OPPO, sent to the same preamp. I can hardly think they have overall same sound resulting. It is similar to comparing FM radio with CDs. 
One comment is, if you live in a high cubic volume rectangular room with the correct dimensions for the "slam frequency range" you want, all you need is great speakers driven with enough power. 
BUT... most of us don't... so just buy some $1,000 earphones and enjoy REAL bass with separation only dreamed of by those with speakers.