How do I get a speaker with the bass slam of my el cheapo ear buds...?

You know, the ear buds that come free with a Samsung smart phone. Was just listening to Brooks and Dunn’s My Maria over my Galaxy S8 and ear buds, and there is a nice drum track in there and it was nice, deep, slam to it. But if I connect the phone to my stereo system via analog inputs, I don’t get that slam. Do they boost the bass in these ear buds, or is my audio system not delivering the bass as it should?

Oh, and I also connected my phone to my car system via the AUX input and I don't get that kind of bass in the car either.
Do ear buds/ headphones get measured ? If they do it should be possible to get what your after by looking at speakers with similar measurements
If you want slam you need multiple ported subs. It's not hard to pressurize your ear canal, but pressurizing a large room requires logarithmically larger amount of power and excursion.
@ seasdiamond
That makes perfect sense.  Except for the fact that I have heard some speakers that are not all that big which do give a lot of slam without subs.  Maybe those are not flat speakers, but rather, boosted in the lower mid bass.   Maybe the dealer surreptitiously applied some bass boost to the signal.  Who knows?   I'll keep listening. 
@mtrot very easy to test this. Add a cheapo EQ like the one from Schiit and emphasize the bass and see if that works for you. I’d guess the speaker system is more neutral and giving you a flatter sound, but you prefer the bass emphasis of the ear buds. I’d just add an EQ, nothing wrong with that.
I read it as yylc giving you his time, offering suggestions and options. Besides, you-
 "have heard some speakers that to some extent replicate the sort of bass attack that I am talking about. Hence my request for suggestions for such speakers."
So what were they? 

Try reversing the polarity of the speaker wires at your speakers and re-listen to the kick drum attack. All to often the recording polarity can change from track to track. Yet another reason to use a sub. Most have a simple polarity switch.