How do I free up a stuck volume control?

The volume control on my Luxman LV-105 is frozen up. It just won't budge.
Any suggestions?
Thank You.
I have had luck heating the shaft of stuck controls.

Assuming it is a metal shaft, remove the knob and hold a soldering iron to the end. Keep checking for movement as it heats up and don't get carried away.

I use some Teflon dry lubricant to keep it free.

Let is soak with WD40 then once it is free spray it with tuner cleaner to remove the WD40.
Is this a motorized volume control????
I don't know if it's a motorized control or not. That is a very good question. I'll try to find out.
A couple of things...sometimes on audio gear the knob is pushed in on the shaft to the point that it won't turn (had that on a new preamp with motorized volume that was slightly squished during shipping...pulled it out and it worked), otherwise I use Deoxit D100 on amp knobs, stomp box footswitches, etc....seems to work really well, and it's made for that purpose.
It is not a motorized volume control.
I use D100 on every volume control, motorized or otherwise.
Make sure the knob is not pushed up against the faceplate.