How Do I Find A Customs Broker?

I ordered something from a seller in Singapore and the shipping company just called asking me what customs broker I wanted to use. Until now, I didn't even know what a customs broker was. The shipping company offered to find one for me but I've got a feeling they are going to levy a whole bunch of additional charges on me.

So does anyone have any idea how I go about finding a good and relatively inexpensive customs broker? I am in New York City. Apparently, the broker will charge me handling fees as well as an entry fee. This is on top of any duties I need to pay for the item.
I used and searched for Customs Broker New York City. Search results that looked interesting are below:

New York Customs Broker

You need to review the above Customs Brokers and decide who is the best for you to use. I have not used the above so please check their references before signing up. I suggest you search on Google for more custom broker results. Hope this helps. Cheers.
I'll work on the presumption you don't have a container sized order coming in...

One caveat before we go any further, if the item you are importing is a CD player or pair of loudspeakers, you've just made the entire process far more complex, as you will need to do a lot more in terms of certifications of a laser apparatus and all manner of stuff. For amplifiers, turntables, etc. the process is VERY easy and straightforward.

To be perfectly honest, your best bet is to ship via FedEX or DHL (I prefer FedEX). It's not exactly cheap, but not as much as many people would predict. They do everything, including serving as your Customs Broker. I find them extremely efficient, and in truth, can get your order here in well under a week. In fact, I import a lot of audio equipment, as I am the North American distributor, and most of my orders come in through FedEX. I once got a 70 lb CD player here from China in two days (not really sure how...)

You can also ship via air freight, which is a bit cheaper if you have a large order coming in (again, I'm working on the presumption that you do not), but can quickly become far more expensive if you begin incurring storage fees at the airport, special inspections, etc., which is the reason I find it easier just to go with FedEX.

Good luck!
70 lb CD player here from China in two days (not really sure thats what I call a fast Chinese takeout order.
When you find a broker, compare their fees with the fees charged by the shipping company's in-house customs brokerage service. You may find the shipper less expensive.
Take Trelja's advice, it is the right thing to do
Nice job Trelja, bought a couple tee shirts I guess ?.
I did it myself..I bought a preamplifier from Germany and I was asked the same. It can get expensive..
It was painful to drive to the city..pick up all the papers from the shipping company and went to customs myself..
just have an official invoice from the seller..basis for customs
I thought it will be hard but it wasn't..
good luck
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Sometimes I take of the brokerage process myself, but when the package is bigger, I prefer working with customs brokers Montreal.