How do I feed Internet Radio to my rig?

I am a novice on this stuff. I am currently feeding a digital signal from my Panasonic HD recorder to my Esoteric K 01 DAC to my rig. The Panasonic is connected wirelessly to my router. Sounds great but there are a few problems. It uses Shoutcast for internet radio which seems to have a smaller selection of radio stations than I am used to. You also have to turn on the tv monitor to see what you are doing. The analogue outs are awful and it would be nice not to have to run the K01 every time (but not a big issue though). What are the options for high quality Internet Radio feed? A stand alone unit? Laptop? iPhone? etc
Check out the Logitech Squeezebox Touch for a stand-alone unit. It offers good sound itself, and you can take the digital out to an outboard DAC if you prefer. It will stream plenty of radio stations and also can access the digital music files on your computer. Very versatile product.
Ditto Squeezebox Touch, it's a giant killer. You will be very pleased. It will be the best $300 you ever spend in audio.
I have a very good stand alone internet radio so i have no interest in that. How does it best connect to the DAC. I have USB, coax and optical inputs. Must it be located at the DAC or is there a way to set it up operating wirelessly?
1. The SBT has coax and optical outputs and can be adapted for USB output, as well. Up to 24/96 with the first two and up to 24/192 with USB.

2. It operates via an ethernet or wifi connection to your router/computer.

3. Because it is wireless, it can be located at the DAC where you can see its display/control.

4. Here's the basic info

5. Here is a report on my experience with it: