How do i encode a HDCD on PC?

What software do i need to create a HDCD?

I want to record my records / mixes onto pc @ 24bit etc. Then clean up and burn onto CD in HDCD format. (which my Nad player supports).

Plus WMP10 supports decoding HDCD's.
I am not aware of any PC software that has the ability to encode HDCD. You will need professional equipment for that.
This has puzzled me for years now. It must be possible,
but I have not seen software to do this. Since Pacific
Microsystems patented HDCD, one would legally have to license
the right to encode, as well as decode it. Still, some
hacker MUST have figured it out. Maybe it's too esoteric
and of limited interest, though I sure like HDCD.

I've seen a few CD burners (hardware) that say they can
rip HDCDs, presumably just as copies. But the actual
data encoding would not be done by such a machine.

Good luck and keep us posted if you find any solution.

Cannot be done without proprietary hardware from Pacific Micro. The hardware is quite expensive.
Looking to make copies?..I believe you can do it with may be able to do it with Alcohol 120%...I'll test it and post back...seems like any thing can be burned with Alcohol 120%...WMP 9 had HDCD would recognize CD's encoded with it...A little Icon would pop up when playing them...I'll give it a try...E-mail me if you have any questions about Alchohol 120%...
i thought microsoft bought hdcd (hence why wm9 etc has it).