How Do I Delete Low Bit Rate Songs From My Library

I really, really screwed up.....I was ripping a lot of CD's into my computer and I must have hit the wrong button....I accidentally added about 4500 low bit rate (between 150 and 160 bit rate) duplicates onto my Windows 7 music library. They show up in my J River Library as well.....How can I delete them without individually clicking on each song? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TY!
I am a newby to JRiver but I bet you could do a search for all your 16 bit music and once it comes up you could highlight it from top to bottom and right click to delete it all off JRiver. I am hoping some really experienced user can confirm my thoughts. I know I have searched my database for 24 bit music and all of it has popped up on JRiver. BTW, the search field is in the top right corner of JRiver.
Make bit rate one of the columns displayed in library view. Once you do that, filter everything out until you end up with just the bit rates you want to delete. Once you have them isolated, highlight and delete them. I don't know if Jriver supports this type of thing so you may have to use a different music player. I'm pretty sure can do this with Quod Libet, Clementine and probably foobar.
Yes, both are correct. Click on files and list by bit rate once narrowed down to the ones you want to delete >> select one then click "Control A" which will select them all. Right click and select delete from media center library and computer. This choice will remove all traces of these files from your My Music library and JRiver MC library.
Tom.....I want to kiss you square on the mouth. The Control A thing saved me clicking on 4500 individual songs. Look in the mirror and see the guy that saved me. Thank you!!!!!
Tom....I just did it.....and you're suggestion solved all my problems with the duplicates. I can't thank you enough Tom..... :)
I'm really glad he liked Tom's answer the best.
I am very happy the solution worked for you. Next time you hover your "mouse" or the blinking icon if you use a track pad you may notice a window appears, sometimes the "Key" to using the short cut appears just before you make a selection. You can search for a list of common shortcuts to use when using windows programs and many others. Just a heads-up.

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"I'm really glad he liked Tom's answer the best.

Ha ha! A kiss on the cheek would probably suffice, but square on the mouth? Yikes!
"A kiss on the cheek would probably suffice"

Not for me. And while we are on the topic, anyone I told to kiss my ass, I apologize and take it back. I don't want those either.
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Control A is one of the most basic computer shortcuts that should normally be learned within months of using a computer for the first time. It's used in thousands of programs. How do people not know this sort of thing?
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