How do I correctly store 10 new preamps?

I came accross a handful of brand new 25 year old Phase linear preamps.
I sold a few and now I have to focus on work so I have to store them for a year. Is the attic ok? The cellar? Keep in mind that i have a 5 foot stack of them new in boxes so its not like I can just stick them in a corner of the living room.
Good electronic gear stored in: damp cellar, extremely hot and humid attic, or climate controlled home? Hmmmmm! :-)
Keep them someplace that's environmentally controlled. Avoid temperature extremes and especially humidity.
Start with the attic and a temp/humidity gauge.Better to have it a little hot than a little damp.If you live in Az,forget this advice,good luck,Bob
Corner of your bedroom.

So, do you flip out often or is one arm alot bigger than the other :>)?

Where'd you steal 'em from, and how long were they on the boat? They could already be damaged. If they survived OK, you could always arrange them flat on the floor in a bedroom, two rows of five and place a 1" thick plywood board on them. That would make an awesome platform bed!
In the attic are you nuts. I vote for the living room.
Just wanted to get it in black and white to show wifey that we now have a new coffee table base and matching nightstand. I didn't steel them, they came from a warehouse of audio equipment and were buried behind newer stuff. So far, the 10 I sold all have been perfect to my knowlege. Not sure what mattybumpkin means?
I thought the living room was a no-go from the post 65.Your right about one thing though,cheers,Bob
Sir- Matty refers to your moniker I believe- snapalot?
Maybe under the bed.
Perhaps in the white van, next to the speakers?
Not in your bathroom.

Have a going away sale and presto no storage problems and a few more bucks in your pocket!

Funny how the power amps always sell first no?
since phase linear products have aged like fish, why wouldn't you just sell them?
Want to buy one? Make an offer phase linear 3500