How do I convert AIFF to WAV files on all my .....

WAV sounds better as I have just learned first hand. How do I convert my over 400 CDs to WAV now! I use Amarra, rip using xld on my 2009 Mac mini. I am not that computer savvy and need help. Please tell me there is an easy way......
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I know that some people claim a CD ripped to a WAV files sounds better than an equivalent AIFF, but are they also claiming that a CD ripped to AIFF and then converted to WAV format will sound better than the original AIFF file?
That is what I claim after hours of listening today. No doubt about it in my rig and room. Wav has more body, weight, improved stage size, better foundation, smoother highs, less forced or hard highs. It is more refined sounding and puts you more at ease when listening.

I simply converted some aiff files to wav in iTunes and compared off my Mac mini SSD drive with Amarra playlist. Oh my, what a nice find.
I figured it out folks. Both xld and iTunes can convert.
You will lose your playlists that you have already created but here goes:

go to Preferences, and choose the CD Import settings - select rip to WAV.

go to the iTunes All Music. Select All. Right Mouse Click, Create WAV version

You will see duplicates being created of your entire library. It will take a while.

When it's done, you should see your original AIFF files are still highlighted - right mouse click on those selection and choose Delete.

Voila - WAV created, AIFF deleted.

I'd suggest backing up your library first.
I have done a couple and the art and order seem unchanged.....your way is a great way to do it all and thanks.
Guys -
Do you think the same benefit applies to WAV vs Apple Lossless? Converted a track last night from Apple LL to WAV. Listening to headphones using BitPerfect and a little NuForce USB uDAC headphone amp, I would be hard pressed to say I could tell a difference between the two. Not trying to dispute Grannyring's preference for WAV vs AIFF, only trying to get educated. Just starting to get into storing (and playing) music on/from an external hard drive.
I have never heard a difference in comparing lossless formats. Usually those that claim they do will either claim they can hear better or have a more resolving system than those who cannot. To me if the differences were really there they would be readily apparent on the lowest common denominator.
Ya, I must be nuts! LOL
Another thing for Apple users. The music sounds the best when played directly from my SSD drive on my Mini vs. the outside storage device. Best sound quality on my Mini based system is WAV files of my SSD drive.

Perhaps Mac based systems reflect this WAV improvement more? Don't know as I have not tested different computers, wired vs wireless etc...I bet all these things influence this topic.

I have read enough industry reviews and owner postings to know that many hear exactly what I hear on Mac based systems.
I was just as skeptical years ago. I had ripped all my music to Apple Lossless and at that time, I had my fave playlists in Apple Lossless on my iPhone 3GS. Most dealers would have the Wadia iTransport that provided a bit perfect SPDIF output to their DACs in the showroom.

I remember having the same CD vs the Apple Lossless rip on the phone playing on the same CDP/DAC (an Ayon CD5S) and the iPhone sounded pretty dismal. I was quite disappointed cos I was sure I could do away with a CDP by then.

A friend who was at the demo asked me if I was using WAV. I said No. He said give it a try. So I went back and did a new playlist with some of the same songs transcoded to AIFF. I preferred AIFF for the ability to store meta data where WAV did not (at least not at that time).

And IMHO there was an appreciable difference between the ALAC vs AIFF on the same Wadia ITransport. The bass was more pronounced and the overall feel of the music felt more "dynamic" or alive.

So I made the switch. I suspect since then, with memory playback and INT modes etc, software players on PCs/Macs may make any differences tiny but that experience showed me there was a possibility of degradation, so I keep my music on AIFF these days. After all, HDDs are cheap. I just got another 6x4TB today.
Granny - I really wasn't saying (or intending to imply) you were nuts. I'll check
again but this time compare WAV vs Apple LL imported to Mac Air's flash drive
(instead of external drive).
Ghosthouse, I was not referring to your comment and I really do not know why some systems show a difference and some do not? Ya, give it a try, if no difference then that is good for you. Such a hassle to convert to WAV and I would rather not do it.