How Do I Control 8 Speakers Individually

Hi, Is there any way I can control 8 different speakers individually? I would like to be able to fade audio from one speaker, increase audio on the second, fade the 2nd while increasing audio on the 3rd, etc. My objective is to use audio to create movement around a 100 ft by 60 ft courtyard. My purpose is to use this in a lightshow at a haunted house I am trying to build. I know that you can use a quad amp for 4 speakers. What kind of equipment would I need? Help!! Thanks Mick
You can use 4 2 channel amp or use some multi channel amp to control each speaker. You will also need 8 seprate volume control for each speaker, but that can either be done on a control preamp or volume control in the power amp. You can also use 8 L-pad for the speaker but that you would need some heavy duty 2 channel amp to drive them all. The first way is a better way, this is base on NOT knowing what speaker you are trying to drive and what is your buget of the system.
There is a product made by the Niles Audio Corporation, Inc. The series is called Speaker Selection/Volume Control System. Model #'s SVL-4, SVL-6, maybe an 8. Not quite sure on the 8 speaker control but I'd bet they do make a unit for 8 speaker control. These aren't just 4 or 6 individual speakers (it can do that) but can be 4 or 6 pairs with each pair being two channel. I own an SVL-4 and an SVL-6, each has individual speaker level controls and a protection switch that protects your amp. The amp protection is because; when you add this many speakers to your amp your ohm load can become dangerously heavy on your amp and damage can occur. The protection curcuit eliminates that problem. The company is based out of Miami. Don't have the phone # or e-mail address, but i'm sure you can get their phone # from 1-305-555-1212. Hope this helps, Skip.
Or you could try a powered mixer.