How do I connect my turntable to my Macbook for re

I have a Denon DP 300 turntable. For normal listening, I run it through a NAD integrated amp, which then connects to Wharfedale speakers.

But there's an album I bought a few weeks ago at a show, and the release date is technically three weeks away so the download code that came with it doesn't work. I really want to rip the songs to my Macbook, how would I do this?

My turntable doesn't have a separate jack, so I'd have to run it through the amp. Is there a way I can connect my NAD integrated amp to the line in on my computer?

So basically, turntable ---> amp ---> Macbook. Would that work? If so, how?

Thank you!
Does the NAD have a line/tape out? if so RCA to 1/8in stereo plug to Mac, record with audacity.
Unless "audacity" can convert an analogue signal to digital you will need to find a way to convert the turntable's analogue signal to an acceptable digital format.
Agreed that Audacity, a free download, will work perfectly. Assuming you have a phono preamp in the NAD, you will need to a cable with RCAs on one end and a 1/8" male stereo plug on the other. Connect the RCAs to any outputs on the NAD (record outs are fine) and then connect the other end with the stereo 1/8" plug into the mic/line in of the computer. Audacity has a pretty easy to navigate interface that you operate much like a tape deck. Press record in Audacity, drop the needle onto the LP, and off you go. When you're done, it will give you the option to save and export the file as a .wav or MP3 to a folder on your computer. Easy. Good luck.
It does have a tape out. I'll try it, then post results, thanks!
Awesome, it worked, thanks again everyone!