How do I connect my sub to a miniwatt N3

I will likely be ordering the miniwatt n3 in the near future to use with my audioengine p4s. I have a velodyn minivee 8 subwoofer that does an amazing job of filling out the sound from the p4s. My question is how would I go about connecting my sub to the miniwatt? It has speaker-level inputs but no outputs.
I would use a y adaptor off the output of the pre or at the input of the miniwatt and go into the line input of the sub. I assume the sub is self powered
You mean using a separate y adapter for each channel? Wow that is so simple I can't believe I hadn't thought of that. Damn.... Anyway, yes it is a powered sub.

If you have a pre then yes, this will work well. I haven't heard about the N3, but I remember reading that bypassing the volume control on the MiniWatt is a nice improvement.

Also, if you don't use a pre, some subs will have an input and output for speaker cables, which will allow you to transfer the bass to the sub's amp and pass the rest of the signal back out through some speaker cable outputs. Haven't used this particular set-up so don't know how it might impact the sound.

Enjoy the N3, it is a wonderful amp. A real fave that does stand up well to much more expensive equipment (as long as your speakers don't require much power in your listening space with your listening preferences.
The sensitivity of the P4 is 88db. The miniwatt may have trouble driving them. You are talking about 2-1/2 watts and it may not be enough. Have you heardthis combination?
I haven't heard it personally, though I have read reviews where it was paired with less efficient speakers and did fine. I plan on getting some much more efficient speakers after I have saved up a bit and figured out what I want. Still, I consider 88db loud and rarely ever go above 90db.

I'm mostly planning to get it out of curiosity. I hate my current solid state receiver and have always been intrigued by tubes. The price is right so that I don't mind spending the money to find out if it's for me. Hell, this will likely cause me to start saving for a more serious setup once I hear the difference.
I could sell ya mine 661DX Jaton speakers with stands 1/3 the price of the KefS 50 and sound twice as better .