How do I connect a HiFace with SqueezeBox?

Dear all,

I use a set that is connected this way:

macbookpro > squeezebox > benchmarks DAC 1 > accuphase pre > krell amp > gamut speakers

I heard that Hiface is nice try to improve quality of digital music but I was wondering how do I connect this to the system? I undertand that it is plugged right out of the computer but my Squeezebox is only wirelessly connected to the cpu, the MAc does not "play" songs, it merely serves the files do the Sqbox.

If I output from the Hiface I'll have to play the song with a software like Foobar or iTunes? I really like the fact that the computer does not play, Sbox plays and the DAC opens

Some has a suggestion?

...very carefully as the two might not be compatible
I believe the HiFace is only useful if you are tapping the USB output of your computer - that is, direct cable from USB to HiFace to DAC. The whole point of the HiFAce is to go from USB to an interface that virtually all DAC's can accept as input, and also do a reclocking to eliminate most of the jitter.

I have no hands on experience with this but I've read up on it quite a bit. I'm just now starting out with computer audio myself. Experimenting with DevilSound now and my Squeezebox Touch arrives next Monday.

The only way I can imagine is to stick it into the pc and feedd your DAC or SB… if that’s possible..

It may mean you have to move around your computer, or some other item (s) if you wish to pursue using a Hiface.

AS you’re seeing now, configuring a system is pretty important too. your config chooses wireless action to the DAC… ala SB.

….and yes, you’ll have to use a soft player like Fubar, WMP, iTunes, JR MC, Monkey’s etc… to play your tracks once SB is out of the picture.

Sometimes, to achieve better sound, utter convenience fetures need be set aside. But there are other options too I think…. Imperical Audio does or did a lot of stuff with SB units…. Other places (modders) did too. Maybe they still do.

So either move some gear around physically, or think about upgrading the pieces you currently use instead of adding just another budget piece into the mix, like your DAC, your digi cable feeding it, the DAC’s pc, preamp, amps, speakers, etc.

I say budget here referring to the Hiface, though I have to say in the right setup, the M2T unit sure does a lot of things right for not much money. Used with Foobar 2K 101, and lossless files it excels past several other media players in fact IMHO, and a few sound cards too.

Personally, I’ve not heard a SB feeding a DAC. At $300 per SB I suspect the money is in the Y Fi interface, way more than it is in the digital hardware it contains. So I’d bet the Hiface connected to the Benchmark combo would sound superior due to the KS technology the Hiface employs.
You can use the HiFace with your Benchmark but not with the Squeezebox. You will need to use a music player on the Mac, such as iTunes, which you already have. For the price of the HiFace, give it a try. You may prefer it to the SB, or not.