How do I combine 2 channel preamp with my SSP?

I have been told that there is a way to hook my 2 channel Audio Research SP16 pre-amp w/HT bypass(for 2 ch. analog listening) with my Parasound 7100 Pre/Pro and Parasound 2250 5ch. amp. Does anyone know the connection method?
I hooked up my dad's SP16 a few months ago and it is pretty simple.................
On your Parasound hook up your front L and R outputs to the bypass inputs on your SP16 then hook up CD and LP or anything else you may have like a tuner and such to the proper inputs on your SP16. Then hook up your R and L outputs on the SP16 and send those to your main amp inputs as you always do. Make sure you mute the SP16 before you hit BYPASS or switch inputs.....when in BYPASS you control your Parasound for volume, you may also have to mute your Parasound if you use it to view sporting events while music is on (my dad does this) because you center and surrounds will still output volume. Hope this helps Chad
Sure. You connect the main R/L outputs of the SSP to the HT-bypass inputs on the SP16. Then the amp/speakers that are connected to the SP16 are your front channels.