How do I clean CDs with isopropyl alcohol?


I just purchased some 91% isopropyl alcohol to remove some Optrix clouding (I didn't follow the instructions and wipe the CDs completely dry).

Anyways, my CDs seem to be much more clean than dish soap / water.

So, can others provide me with tips on using isopropyl alcohol for cleaning CDs:
1) Should I use undiluted 91% isopropyl alcohol or should I dilute it with distilled water. If so, what are the appropriate proportions?
2) How long do you leave the isopropyl alcohol on the CD for maximal effect?
3)Any potential to damage my CDs by using this cleaning protocol vs soap and water?

Do you think isopropyl alcohol is safe for CDRs?

Is there any potential for damage to my CDs or CDRs from repeated cleaning with 1) isopropyl alcohol or, 2) soap and water?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

I have been using Alcohol 50/50 mixture for years.I have 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.Lightly sprinkle and wipe softly form center to end.Wipe with soft cloth immediately. Do not use circular movements.I don't use soap. It can clog the grooves. Once cleaned, Do not touch the playing side of the CD!!. Alcohol will not hurt the CD's whether CDR/regular CD's.
I don't use soap. It can clog the grooves
"clog the grooves" maybe I'm as thick as a brick, but will someone please explain this to me?
"Any insights would be greatly appreciated!"
I use undiluted 91% isopropyl applied with a spray bottle ( an old Optrix bottle works fine.) I give it two or maybe three sprays and allow the alcolhol to dwell for a few seconds then I dry the CD with a radial CD cleaner. Allsop makes one. Radio Shack also sells one for about $10 which is probably made for them by Allsop. I have been cautioned against getting alcohol on the label side of the CD as it may remove the labeling.
i work in plastics and can tell you, poly based cd's (most plastics in general) and alcohol don't mix...

alcohol degrades polys causing crazing-stress cracks,brittleness. if someone has a loupe check out what can a disc become that dirty to warrant alcohol in the first place?

stick with soap and water.