How do I buy tubes?

I would like to know, how should I select a tube? Should I select it by the name printed on it? Or should I buy from a reputable seller, who guarentees, that the tube, will be made by the manufacturer, he claims, regardless, of what is printed on it?
Fletch, surely you know all about buying tubes. Is this a troll? You seem to always have a lot of good ones for sale, so assuming this is a rhetorical question(s) for some reason.... (btw, obviously the answer is the latter, above.)

Hey there Fletch! Like Ed, I'm a little surprised by this thread because you sold me some great tubes this year. Take care.
My suggestion is searching at Check it out and see how they test and sell vacuum tubes for more than 20 years.
I posted this thread, because I wanted to know what the members thought, about how to purchase tubes. Whether one should purchase, by the name printed on the tube, or by what manufacturer, actually made the tube? I know what I think, I'm interested in what, you all think.