How do I biamp?

Folks - If I intend to biamp, its clear I need to use some form of Y-connector to send the L and R signals to 2 additional amps.

Is this the correct method and what cables do you recommend for biamping?
WOAH, Left... don't connect ANYTHING yet, please. Especially NOT a signal from an amp to ADDITIONAL amps --- you'll blow the lot.

The connections in bi-amping are from PRE outputs to (electronic?) crossover or to individual amps. Also depends upon the configuration you want, vertical or horizontal. We need more info to take it from here.

BTW, there are a few good threads on the subject here on A'gon (you can find them using the search function) & an article by an Australian who gives good info (which I can't locate, sorry).

I agree with Gregm. There is passive, active, horizontal, and vertical biamping-- maybe more. I suggest the A'Gon search under bi-amping too. Good Luck. Craig
Please read the previous threads, Audiogon is a wealth of information. From the preamp output run a Y connector cable (several companies make them including monster or search Audiogon under Y cable, 2 are available) to each amplifier input. I prefer the Phoenix Gold solid adapter available from "Quest For Sound" on Audiogon. Good luck.
In addition to the threads here, I would recommend getting the free booklet "31 secrets to better sound" published by the great horn speaker maker - Avantguarde (see their website).

About 5 of the 31 "secrets" deal with biamping and I would concur with everything they say, except they claim biamping vertically gives you "five times the effective power". I still haven't figured that one out. How do they even get to four times the power?

Everything else is very helpful though.