How do I Bi-Amp a McIntosh MC402 with a Tube Amp?

I am considering taking the plunge and try out a Tube amplifier in my system. I have a McIntosh MC402 power amplifier, C2200 preamp, MCD201 CD player, and Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 speakers. I am considering Bi-amping. Using a tube amplifier to drive the mids and the highs in the speakers, and the MC 402 to drive the woofers. My questions are: How do I go about selecting a tube amp that would match the MC 402 for the Bi-amp application? Shouldn't I be concerned about matching the gain and input sensitivity of both amplifiers? The MC 402 has a input sensitivity of 2V (Unbalanced) and 4V (balanced), but I am not sure what the gain is because the MC 402 specification has several listings for db, but did not specify the output gain in db. I am considering the following tube amps: MC 2102, a Cary CAD 120S, and an Audio Space NOVA 88 mono block. Does anyone have a Bi-Amp configured system, or Does anyone have some guidance for me? Especially on the input sensitivity and the gain for the amps. Please tell me the pros and cons based upon your experience.


When bi-amping, the two amplifiers' gain must "exactly" match. If your using identical amplifiers (MC402 tube and MC402 SS) the gain will match. But with the different amplifiers listed above, your at risk with gain mismatch that will likely produce too much or too little Bass.
the mc275 on the highs, the 402's for the lows....yep it works, but the benefits are minimal at best since the 402 has great highs like a tube amp, and the mc275 has great bass control.