how do I attach opamp to module

I have a 5mm opamp with 4 pins on each side(AD825) that I want to attach to a 10 mm module (BrownDog 80302) Any suggestions on how to do this--seems awfully small to solder.
The Brown Dogs are adaptors, soic to dip etc. Aamxyz, are you sure that's the right part #? I'm presuming you're trying to fit a surface mount opamp to a dip connection? Anyway, here are a couple of surface mount soldering tutorials to get you started, there's more out out there!
What is a BrownDog 80302? Generally, ICs are specified, physically, in terms of their package and their pin-out. The AD825 is an 8pin DIP. What are you connecting it to?
Solder it to an 8 pin SOIC to DIP adapter.

Use flux. Tack down opposite corners. Use a small tip or drag solder across the remaining leads (the flux will help prevent bridging).