How do I add power to a 651 Kyocera receiver?

Need help everybody. Technically not the sharpest. Have an old MOSFET 651 Kyocera receiver in mint shape. rated at 65 watts per channel. Has A & B speaker switch. Is there a way I can add an amplifier and run it thru this unit so I have enough juice for my 2 front speakers which need a minimum of 100 watts per channel while running my rear (B) speakers from receiver. Much thanks.
Warren, if your Kyo receiver has preamp output / amplifier input jacks, you are in luck. You can use a pair of "Y connectors" and hook up an external amp AND keep the amplifier in the Kyo working too. This would require a special made harness, as i don't know of any that are commercially available with the specific fittings that you would require. If you do have the jacks labled as i described, post a response and let us know. I or someone else can give you a detailed description as to what you'll need to get this done.

If you don't have the preamp output / power amp input jacks, you can look for a device called a "Z Coupler" that Carver used to market. This converts your speaker level outputs down to line level. You can then connect your speaker outputs to the Z coupler and the z coupler to the input of your amp. While there may be other devices on the market that will accomplish similar tasks, i mentioned the Carver as it specifically came to mind. Sean
Thanks for the response Sean. I looked at the back of the unit tonite and unfortunately it does not have any type of in/out preamp connectors. Just the old standard set up where you can attach two set of speaker wires. Thanks again.