How do Fidelios "Rank" against Virgo 3 and RX-20?

Verity's Fidelio is an expensive speaker(even used) I am curious if anyone has compared them against the new Audio Physic Virgo 3 or the Gershman RX-20,or owned possibly "each" at one time or another... In USED "mint" or "almost mint condition", each speaker can sell for bewteen $3800 to $4200.... ALSO, as a side issue TO THIS THREAD: Do these three speakers seem "over-priced" at retail, especially the Fidelio which I believe is now taged at $8000?????
I auditioned the Virgo 3 when it came out last year. Very dissappointed--sounded like a monitor not like a full range speaker. And lets talk about room placement with the virgo--half way into your room. When you do get them placed correctly they do disappear like they are known to do. Spend the extra money and buy a pair of fidelios they are amazing!!! Mid range to die for and nice tight bass--wonderful detail and they throw a huge soundstage. Rest of my system included a Music Reference RM-200, BAT VK-50SE pre amp, Electrocompaniet CD player.
I have heard the Verity Parsifals.... Very, very nice. I had a set at home for a day. I volunteered to be the midway point for a pickup of a friends sale. They are very nice... they sounded better though when I heard them demoed using a Tact room correction unit as the bass reflex can get bomy in normal sized rooms. $14400 is a lot of money. $8000 is still a ton of money for the fidelios which I haven't heard but imagine are quite good. The Parsifals also benefitted greatly from using the custom Symposium Sveltes between the two sections of the cabinet. I really do feel like that are overpriced in terms of sound for the dollar. You are paying a huge amount for their high gloss finish and jewelry like hardware.

As you know I had the Virgo III's and agree entirely with the above poster. The Virgo II's could play some music (despite that big midbass hump) but the III's I just plain don't get.

Even at those used prices you'd be paying twice the amount that you need to get really great sound.