How do Def Tech BP-30'S sound?

I need some feedback on Def Tech products, as well as any recommendations for HT speakers under 1500 to go with solid state system.
well if you ready stereo sound and vision, then your already sold. They made you interested in a crappy bipolar speaker. Bipolars by nature doesn't sound accurate. Its bloated and unreal. There are far more accurate and better sounding speakers for much less. I would consider getting a set of used Martin Logan Aerius i for $1300 on Audiogon. Martin Logans make some of the best hts out there
Depends on the price, your roo layout and where you have been as far as speakers. I owned a pair about three years ago and put BP10's in back. Bipolars need room to take advantage of the design. Ideally about 2-3 ft in back and sides. If you can pick them up for about 30-35% off list you can't beat the bottom end for the price and they will blossom. They have their qualities and their limitaions in regards to accuracy but do offer a bang for that buck if you can accomodate placement.
I had a pair of BP-30's and found them to be a decent speaker for a stereo and H/T combination system. I would go else where if it were to fit in a 2 channel stereo only system. I had them up front for a while then used them as rear channel speakers. The system I used them in was 95% H/T and music on Sunday mornings while reading the paper. The best advise is of course to give them a listen for yourself.