How do Bang and Olufsen stereo sound?

   How do Bang and Olufsen gears sound?
Where would you put it? Entry level, mid-fi, or Hifi?
I am a music teacher and one of my student has one - but I want to make sure she is listening to quality sound so she can improve.

Will Vanatoo speakers beat it?

Thanks for your words of experience...

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Vast majority of stereo gear is rather industrial looking and drab. Well good aesthetic design tends to cost more, most of us are looking for sound more than decoration, so it makes sense. Audiophiles also get a lot of their cues from the professional market, where the rack stuff comes from and practicality rules over decoration. But just because something is stylish doesn't mean it can't be good audio. B&O may not be the best, but then nobody knows what the best is either. Are you paying a little for style? Sure you are.

But there's more than a little technology in there. The moving iron (fixed coil) technology Peter Ledermann uses at Soundsmith comes from working with B&O. That ain't no small thing. More going on than meets the eye.

The question, "Will Vanatuu speakers beat it?" is whack. First, it's not about speakers. Everything matters. Second, it's not about beating anything or anyone. It's all about getting the sound you want. So third, it's not about you. It's about her. What does she want?