How do Au24e and Neutral Refs Compare?

I'm thinking about moving to either the Audience Au24e or the Cardas Neutral Reference XLR ICs from my DAC - a PS Audio PWD Mk.II - to preamp - a Pass X1. I'd like to hear from those who have used both for similar use and can tell me their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks.

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I'm not familiar with the Audience but I did own the Cardas Neutral Ref for a while. Great mid range but rolled off highs and lows. Previously I had the AQ King Cobra's and they had better highs and lows BUT there was little emotion to the sound (I mean tonality they were very good but no life to the music like the Cardas had). I have since moved on to the Nordost Frey and today I have the Nordost Tyr2. The Frey had all the emotion and highs with good bass - not great. The Tyr2 adds the weight to the lows and mids. The Nordost also has the wider soundstage. For me personally I find the XLR had an even wider soundstage but the gain was more than I personally prefer.

My system is a Meridian G08 and an Octave V70se integrated. System synergy has a lot to do with everything so the Audience could sound better in your system than what I noticed with my Cardas in my system.

Both cables have been written up as very good. May I suggest contacting the cable co and arrange for some demos in your home with your system. It's your ears and expectations - not mine or any one else's OPINION.

Good luck
Tony I started with AQ Viper before getting the King Cobra then the Cardas NR. Again the NR had more emotion but had slightly rolled off highs and lows. Next I got Fusion Audios Interlocker which again was a step up from the AQ's and NR. Then on to Nordost. All these were in my system in my home.