How do Au24e and Neutral Refs Compare?

I'm thinking about moving to either the Audience Au24e or the Cardas Neutral Reference XLR ICs from my DAC - a PS Audio PWD Mk.II - to preamp - a Pass X1. I'd like to hear from those who have used both for similar use and can tell me their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks.

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Hoping someone has heard these two and can provide some insight.
Thanks Xti16. I'm surprised that the Neutral Refs were rolled off in your system. I've heard them (not in my system) compared to other Cardas cables, and in that context they did not sound rolled off, but I guess that's no surprise since (IMO) a number of Cardas cables do have a "soft" quality at the frequency extremes. I agree system synergy can make a world of difference, though.