How do Airmotiv 5S's stack up?

I currently own an NAD 326BEE driving PSB Alpha B1's -- the quintessential intro system. I just purchased a set of PSB PS1 self-powered speakers, but I'm not completely satisfied with them. Unfortunately, the local dealer won't take them back since I didn't audition them first at home. :/ My bad. Anyway, the main problem isn't the sound so much as the fact the PS1's just bottom out fairly quickly (even with a subwoofer attached), what with the 3 1/2" woofer and anemic 20W amp. I was hoping to actually downsize from the 326BEE/B1 combo with at least a similar sound. I do 98% of my music listening near-field (via PC/DAC), and my current system actually sounds great in that setting. It's just a little much having such a large integrated amp in this setup.

I was wondering if anyone has listened to the Airmotiv 5S's to know whether they would be comparable sound-and-volume-wise? I'm also considering the D3020 NAD amp and just keeping my B1's for now. But that would be a drop from 50W to 30W per channel, and I really don't know if I would notice the reduction in power. I almost never crank the 326BEE past the half-way point. Any thoughts?