How difficult to set-up a Well Tempered Classic

I just received the Well Tempered that I bought from Ebay. The good news is that it came in original packaging and everything looks fine. The bad news is everything is taken apart (probably the only way to safely send the turntable.) The instructions are included but it looks complicated to set this table and arm up. I am not particularly handy (an understatement) so would I be better off letting a local tech set it up for me? I am in Chicago if anyone knows of anyone particularly expert in turntable set-up.
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It's not that tough- just a bit time consuming, especially getting the post arm positioned correctly. The WT protractor has a circle on it to get the overhang close. I snug up the post's set screw just enough to be able to move the post up and down (for VTA) as well as twist (for adjusting overhang), then tighten after adjustment is complete.

After you're set up, drop me an email and I'll give you a couple of simple nifty tweeks that cost less than $5 each and a half hour of your time. (Silk string belt and additional counterbalance mass.)

I live in Schaumburg. I have the Well Tempered Reference, which is close to the classic, and if you need a hand, drop me an email.

Thanks to Steve and Jimbo3 for your kind offers of assistance! I will start putting it together this weekend. Watch your emails for my questions.
There is a wonderful gentleman by the name of Bob Clanfield who is considered by many in the Chicagoland area to be the analog guru specializing in the Well Tempered turntable. I had him do my Reference/Shelter901 combo and my analog has never sounded so good. Highly recommended. He has been setting these tables up for years and also use to be a dealer and has many spare parts for your needs if this should ever happen.
Drop me an email and I will give you his phone number.
I believe that Bob Clanfield originally set mine up a few years ago also after I purchased the reference arm upgrade from him.

He's an outstanding person and I hope that he's doing well.

Bill, small world, I have a reference / Shelter 901 also.