How difficult to build your own cables?

Just a project for fun. I would like to build myself a set of high quality RCA interconnects. Can one buy a kit with step by step instructions? I could not find any such kit online. Again, I'm not looking to become George cardas, just a side project. Plus, how high of quality could one build themselves?
YouTube links to videos of good cable-building projects would be great too! 
If you have good soldering skills, you can DIY interconnects. Years back I saw that Rega Couple was getting good word of mouth. And all it turned out to be is Klotz cable (often available in instrument shops) and Neutrik Profi RCA's. I built those, plus I've made some interconnect using DH Labs wire and Vampire RCA's. I've also built balanced cables using Mogami wire and Neutrik connectors. Good luck and have fun! 
Chris Ven Haus has a "recipe" on his site:

I can't vouch for it other than it exists.
eric squires here build his own cables  .He can lend an ear for sure hit him up
Western Electric wire with KLEI RCA's makes for a killer interconnect.
I’ve built my own power strip, power cords, interconnects and speaker cables. Multiple times. I’m more than happy to share info..

I will say, though, research the crap out of everything before you do it and maybe do a dry run with shitty cables and connectors. It’s not the soldering that’s hard. Making them look good and well finished is the difficult part. Working with tech flex, heat shrink tubing and the like isn’t difficult, you just need to learn how the materials behave.

And yes, erik_squires is very knowledgeable. As is willywonka.

Here’s a link to a power cable how to from willy. He also has links to his interconnect ’recipes’.
@bdp24 I second the KLEI RCAs. I just made some interconnects with the pure harmony RCAs and some solid silver cable. They sound amazing. Very surprised at the magnitude of the change.