How did your sound system evolve?

How did your sound system evolve?
Here is how my sound system evolved over the past 40 years on a 'beer budget' and with a few missteps and a few side way purchases:
Mine didn't evolve, it was CREATED.
Very cool page you linked to, thanks for posting that.
I liked your Luxman years!
Yes, nice web page!

For me (less graphic):

pre-1977: the low fi years, various compact boxes making music

1977: First real hifi system, all Lafayette gear built around a 40 watt integrated amp and heil AMT speakers (and many blown tweeeters). My first real job working at Lafayette

1978-1981: My second real job working at Tech Hifi. Acquire my first real keeper speakers (OHM Ls, still got'em) and various other gear to go with it.

1982-1986: Acquire my first "dream speakers", a pair of OHM Walsh 2s and a nice Tandberg receiver to run them with. Then I become a poor grad student for a few years.

1986 - 1992 - THe Magnepan years

1993 - 2007 - Not too much changes. Add a nice California Audio Labs CD player, some decent Carver separates and various other speakers and toys to dabble with.

2007 - present - Start auditioning modern gear again and thinking its time to get really serious about this stuff. I am where I am now today and have been very happy for another few years again now.
Nice memory you have.
Thanks for the link.
Man, that Kenwood table sure hung in there for a long time. I remember those, very solid kit indeed!

I got started with a Heathkit AR-15 receiver, pretty solid performer. This was mated to a Dual 1229 turntable with Shure V-15 Type III cart. and some big old Jensen 6 speakers.

The Jensens were replaced with 4 JBL L-100s and the Heathkit with a monster Sansui 9090 4 channel receiver - my first multi-channel rig! The cart on the Dual was augmented with a CD-4 unit, don't remember the brand. I also got a Technics RS-676US casstte deck, pretty nice piece.

Then I went back to 2 channel with a Marantz 2270 receiver and some JBL L-65 Jubals - this combo *rocked*! The turntable was upgraded to a Dual 1249 and then a Garrard Zero-100. I kept this rig for over a decade, loved the hell outta those JBLs!

I then "downgraded" a bit, went with some Ohm Walsh 2s and an NAD 3150 integrated mated to and NAD 2150 power amp, both running in bridged mode - talk about a *powerhouse* combo, whoa! Replaced the Technics deck with an HK unit with Dolby HXPro - it made very sweet-sounding tapes.

Then began my foray into 5.1 sound: I got an HK Signature 2.0 prepro mated to an HK SIgnature 2.1 power amp - what a *great* amp. Speakers were Paradigm Studio 80s with a Paradigm CC-350 center and some Paradigm Atoms in the back. Subwoofer was an Earthquake MKIV 10" jobbie, pretty nice for the money I paid. I also scored and Oppo DV-981 and then a Denon 2910 for shiny discs. The 2910 was then upgraded to a 3910, a very good unit. My Oppo love affair was in full swing.

U then made the "mistake" of spending an afternoon at Dave Pogue's (dopogue on Agon) house and heard his Gallo Rf. 3 - holy mackerel, I hadda have those speakers!!

Spent the next 2 years finding my current speaker setup, Gallo Ref. 3.1s and Gallo Ref AVs. During that time, Dave graciously sold me some Gallo Dues for really cheap, they did center and surround duty for a coupla years. The Earthquake sub remained. And an Oppo BDP-93 replaced all the other shiny disc units - woo-hoo!!

I then retired the HK front end and amp and put in place an Emotiva UMC-1 mated to a Butler TDB-5150 tube/MOSFET hybrid amp. Life was very, very good.

Times got tough and I traded the Butler for an Emotiva XPA-5 and a fistful of cash. The Emo sounds really, really good with more punch and drive than the Butler. But it is not quite as smooth on the top end. A fair trade, IMHO.

Finally, I scored a Sherbourn 325 watts/ch. power amp to drive the Gallos' 2nd voice coils - the Earthquake is up for sale, the Gallos definitely have the bottom end covered.

And the system shall remain as such until my financial condition improves. Not a big hardship, it sounds pretty good to these old ears!!

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Ah, Rlwainwright, your story sounds a little too familiar! Yours was one of the last threads I participated in before the Emotiva forum banned me. I had been a member for about 4 years, and had seen many get banned for not agreeing with the group think(emotiva is nectar from the Gods). Oddly enough I just read a thread on Audioholics where an Emotiva customer got banned for starting a thread in which he lists his concerns.

Anyway, didn't Big Dan buy your Butler amp? Glad you're happy with the XPA-5, I was underwhelmed with my XPA amp, but such is life, and it's all the better with good audio!
1970 - Dual TT 1219 w/Shure V15 type II, Sansui Au555 integrated, Pioneer 63DX speakers, Teac 4010S reel.

1982 - Sonograph TT w/MMT Arm & Talisman S Cartridge, NAD 3150 integrated, Pyramid Met 7s w/Aparture Sub.

1985 - Replaced NAD with B&K ST140 amp & Pro10 pre.

1987 - Replaced speaker system with used Vandersteen Model IIs.

1992 - Added Carver CD player with tube output stage.

1995 - Replaced Vandersteens with Sound Dyamics 3Ti speakers.

2010 - After 25 years sold the B&K amp and Pre. Sold the 3Tis. Bought a Vincent 226MKII integrated, Paradigm Studio Ref 20s, Rotel 975 CD player.
Started checking into computer audio.

2011 - Bought PS audio Digital Link III w/M2tech Hiface USB/SPDIF converter burned CDs to MAC Mini as AIFF files.

2012 - Replaced Rotel with Arcam DVD137, Replaced Studio 20s with Esoteric MG 10s, loaded Pure Music onto computer.

2013 - Replaced Vincent with used BEL 1001 Mk 5 amp and Jolida Fusion pre. Replaced PS audio DAC with Bryston BDA-1 and Hiface with Audiophilleo II w/ pure power. Moved system to dedicated room. Playing with acoustic treatments since, making own panels and bass traps. System truly pleases me and I don't anticipate changes in near future.

Have owned the Sonograph TT since 1982, currently w/ Bluepoint No. 2.

Thanks for this opportunity.
I experienced borderline satisfaction for a long time - until I found Audiogon forums and recommended buys by Stereophile and others. Good start in 74 with a Pioneer 1050 receiver that outmatched the series 1 901’s. Sold everything when I joined the Navy and went through several entry level systems over 22 years. Getting back into it in 2003, I made a mistake mixing a Yamaha Receiver with a pair of Klipsch RF-7’s (tweeter harness issues). It was then that I started researching online audio sites and speaking with audiophiles who were far more experienced.

Around 2004, I pursued a newer, common scientific approach - very carefully matching higher end recommended components. Now, after I return home from audio shows or concerts, I immensely enjoy listening to my home music system.
My first system was an old Admiral I think that a neighbor gave me.Then I bought another Admiral with swing down turntable and detachable speakers in the mid 1960's.Basically junk.I wish I would have taken a picture of all the cars I've owned.I still have my Dual 1019 and owner manual I bought new from the 60's after suffering with the rumble on a Garrard syncro lab.