How Did you Uncrate your Zu Defiinitions?

Looking for tips on setting up the IVs as far as unboxing and moving them. My 1.5s are 25lbs lighter, but I (and they were a bear) plum forgot (their packaging way back then,was terrible)how I managed it,but I did it by myself. I can easlily get a buddy to help me, but if solo is manageable, please take me there. Suggestions? thanks in advance.
Don't even consider doing this single handed. Two probs: one, there are no natural handholds, and the edges are really sharp; and two, the solid Al plinth is a weapon primed to scratch any floor it is dragged on. So to save your back from a long course of physical therapy, and your floor from an expensive repair, call a favour from a friend in, and stock up your fridge with beer!

Best to have a buddy help, but it can be done alone. Do the same thing as with Def1: if your ceiling is high enough, open the base end of the box, spread the flaps open and stand the whole box on that end, then lift and shimmy the box off. Remove the foam cuffs and carefully unwrap the protective film. Alternately you can stand the speaker box on end, cut the long side open and "walk" the speaker out of the open box. What you don't have to do it lay it down and lift the Def out of its box -- unless you want to.

The Def4 is slightly larger than v1.5 but you can reuse the foam cuffs, maybe add some folded paper of foam to tighten that fit, and box them for the trip back to Zu. You may need to fill in some spaces around the perimeter of the cartons to make up for the slightly more slender Def1.

Phil, that is easiest and simplest, yet. UPS will come to my house (no charge) to pick up the 1.5s. Because of that extra 25lbs per speaker I will save more than half. Freight rates begin at 150lbs and are very expensive. The 1.5s with the Def IV crating will come under the 150lb mark. It is costing me $950 to have Zu send me the IVs and about half to send back the 1.5s via UPS. Cannot get much more East than Hampton Bays.