How did U get into this expensive hobby?

So I was up last night listening to my system and thought to myself, when am I going to be 100% satisfy with my set up. Just for once I like to listen without thinking well maybe if I can add this or remove that I can improve on this or that area. A mist all that I thought how did I ever got into this hobby any way? Well, the nightmare began for me when I was working in my college university's periodical section. We had over 3000+ magazines on file. The first stereo magz I ever picked up was the AUDIO annual price list which was about 300 or so pages of all major audio mfg. and models..also known as the audio bible; what ever happened to Audio magazine anyway? I remembered being so intrigued by so many brands that I have never heard of before and how the workmanship and industrial design seemed so much far superior than the average Kenwood and Pioneer back then (no offense to Kenwood and Pioneer owners). This was 10 years ago and I started by scraping every pennies I had to purchase my first NAD integrated amp. Although 10 years have passed, I am still scraping for money to own something new every now and then, but this time instead of pennies, it's dimes a nickels since my tasted have upgrade with my salery. It'd be interesting to hear how some of you fellow audigoners got started in this hobby. Upon adding to this thread, you'll find that you'll get a little grin on your face after spilling your guts out on how you began on this deep pocket journey and how far you have come. Happy Holidays guys and gals.
My brother gave me his Linn Intek Amp, CDP and Linn Helix speakers back in 1994 when he upgraded...the rest is history.
my son burned out one channel of the Dynaco amp I'd had since the early 60's ( the last time I'd paid much attention to gear). NY Times had an article about Rotel that I'd read earlier so i went to a local dealer to replace the dyna. the salesman spotted a fish and hooked up a used ARC SP 9 they just got in. i went home w/ the rotel( now also ARC), the SP 9, AQ cable & interconnect and a bad habit. otoh, i'm having fun and love the music.
If you want to accuse people who got into this hobby through a magazine of being shallow, then you don't quite understand that people don't pick a magazine off the shelf if they aren't already attracted to the material being offered. Magazines are a great way for people to look beyond Bose - if one is both open minded and cares about music. Many of us have learnt that there is a whole world beyond Best Buy stuff out there because of these magazines and websites etc. Of course any intelligent person will sooner or later realize that they opinion on component selection that counts is one's own. So there's no need to put anyone down or get worried that people who read magazines are misguided. Anyhow we should be helping those who are open minded enough to see beyond the norm and help people realize the potential of a good audio systems whatever their original motives were.
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S-E-X. Mucho-macho stereo systems attracted the chicks like flies to honey! They say "Music hath charms..."
It certainly does.
Why does the middle-aged balding guy get the red Porshe? Because he likes the color?? COME ON guys! Stop the b.s.; fess up!